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What is Social Media Management Anyway?

Social media enables people to interact, engage, listen and work with each other.

However, the volume of these conversations and interactions can quickly prove to be a very time and labor intensive proposition to undertake. Not only that, but the ability to effectively track, converse, monitor and manage them can prove somewhat daunting.

Enter… Social Media Management (SMM).

Simply put, SMM is where you hand over the reins of your social media efforts to our very capable hands. You remain in control, always. But the labor intensive tasks of managing your social media accounts, are handled for you.

Affordable Social Media Management Services


I have been working with Andrea since 2010 and have been very pleased with her service and results. She is a true expert in her field and always helpful and patient with us. I would recommend her services to any insurance agency!

Hadley W., Insurance Agency Owner

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